Samba in Switzerland and Europe

samba caixa Zürich

There are Samba groups, Blocos and Baterias with and without dancers in many European countries. The scene lives and grows - instantly. 

The team of Samba workshops is well-networked in Europe and, of course, also has got contacts to Rio de Janeiro. Here is a small collection of sympathetic samba bands:




Samba Suisse, classy Samba Band in Zurich  - Samba Suisse Rio Show

A great Samba School in Geneva: Unidos de Genève




Fogo do Ritmo, Samba Fusion from Dresden, Germany - Fogo do Ritmo

Carabassamba, spanish Samba from Muro, Mallorca - Carabassamba Bateria Fogosa

Samba from Vienna, Austria - Escola de Samba Baturim

Samba in Scottland: Edinburgh School of Samba